Face Recognition Technology

Face Recognition technology allows you to analyze images of human faces for the purpose of identifying them. The Motorola face recognition technology can identify or verify a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video source and can match it to customized group’s lists.

Face Recognition Benefits

  • Public and Private Security – identify unwelcome persons and subjects of interest.
  • Non-intrusive identification – control access without stopping anyone for a check and avoid long lines.
  • Gated access control – Entry/Exit gates with access controlled by face recognition.
  • Face Greeting / Face Attendance – Offers customer experience welcome/exit messaging and tracks attendance records.
  • Track Map – Shows you detailed tracking of specific face by location and time in uploaded map image with video clips.
  • Multi channels Face recognition feature let’s you track on all cameras in your system.

Who can Benefit from Face Recognition

  • Education entrances and classrooms
  • Businesses at entrances and restricted areas
  • Religious places of worship
  • Retail stores
  • Airlines
  • Communities, common areas and gates
  • Others…

Intelligent Counting Solutions

The Motorola Intelligent Counting Solution offers a reliable and cost- effective way of detecting and counting of people, vehicles and bikes/motorcycles.

Intelligent Counting Benefits

  • Measures the number and flow of customers or visitors.
  • Analyze relevant foot traffic statistics.
  • Analyze, categorize and counts what is being captured:
    – Human
    – Vehicle
    – Bike/Motorcycle
  • Captures and counts accurately under numerous installation conditions and view angles.
  • Flexibility to schedule by day of week and time range of day for capturing counting data.
  • Historical Statistics with graphic output and selective by In/Out, Time and Detected type.

Point of Sale (POS) Solutions

The Motorola Point of Sale (POS) Solution combines video and information from a cash register to provide a security resource for managers or owners to monitor sales and reduce shrinkage. When the POS is added to the video it allows for visibility of the whole transaction. What was scanned? Was it scanned for the correct price? How much cash was collected? Was every product scanned?

Pont of Sale (POS) Benefits

  • See that a customer came to the register and made a purchase and payment was collected.
  • Important component in loss prevention
  • Help identify employee training needs and reduce mistakes.
  • Could help in market studies identifying type of customers, SKUS, hours of days and others.
  • Smart Search lets you get detail information of every transaction by SKU or pricing showing video footage of specific search.