Motorola Video Management System

The Motorola Video Management System (MVMS) is an advance integrated security management platform that features seamless access to all Motorola CCTV security products and other third-party encoding devices in the industry.

We offer two different variants of our advance MVMS software.


  • Free powerful MVMS AI 3.0 software edition.
  • Covers all needs of small to mid sized projects and video security regular use.
  • Capability of video security management, real-time video monitoring, recording storage, recording playback, recording download, alarm linkage, decoding on TV Wall and keyboard control.
  • Fully supports intelligent analytics and advance analytics such as People/Vehicle Counting, Face Matching, Face recognition if connected to Face recognition device and other.
  • Ability to work with maximum of 256 video channels and all at no cost.


  • Powerful capability of video surveillance management, real-time preview, record storage, record playback, record download, alarm linkage, decoding on TV Wall, keyboard control, vehicle entrance/exit management.
  • Supports advanced intelligent analytics including Face Recognition, Face Greeting and Face Attendance.
  • Multi-subsystem of third-party brands could be accessed by this platform, such as alarm systems, access control systems, dynamic environment monitoring systems, visual talk-back systems, one-key alarm systems, e-fence and others.
  • Open system architecture, with available SDK/OCX for special projects.
  • MVMS Enterprise version can meet demands of centralized multi-subsystem management and multi-business convergence projects and can be widely used in the video surveillance market.
  • Ability to work with 30,000 video channels.

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